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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants in Burke, Fairfax, Springfield

Dental implants can be the solution to a missing tooth or an alternative to dentures or a dental bridge. A dental implant replicates the structure of your natural teeth so you can smile again with confidence. Dr. Ghorbani provides state-of-the-art dental implants for a second chance at a lasting, comfortable smile. Contact our office today for a consultation if a dental implant sounds like a solution fit for you! We are here for you through the entire treatment process to build a smile meant to last a lifetime. 

What are the advantages of a dental implant?

  • Unlike traditional dental crowns, implants replicate the root and provide valuable stimulation to the jawbone.
  • The jawbone anchors the implants, which means they function seamlessly with your remaining natural teeth. In short, there’s no concern or embarrassment that can come with a removable prosthetic. 
  • Implants do not require alterations to nearby healthy teeth to support or accommodate the dental implants with this conservative approach.

Our team handles the entire implant process in-office so you can enjoy convenience and comfort while improving their oral health. To ensure the highest chances of succes, we include an initial consultation, computer-enhanced treatment planning, surgical placement of your implant(s), restoration with custom prosthetics, and any necessary bone grafting procedures. We also provide instructions on how to properly clean and care for your implants following treatment. With diligent at-home hygiene and professional maintenance, patients can enjoy their implants for the many years ahead. 

So what makes a patient a good candidate for this procedure? Nearly everyone can enjoy dental implants, but additional treatment may be needed beforehand to ensure the best chances of success. Generally, we assess for the following:

  • An overall strong level of oral health, especially in regards to the gums
  • An adequate amount of remaining jawbone
  • A commitment to practice diligent oral hygiene and undergo professional maintenance well into the future.

There are some situations where our staff might advise against dental implants, but these are typically temporary and/or solvable conditions.

How is a dental implant done?

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants requires multiple steps:

  • The surgical placement of the implants themselves into the jawbone
  • The healing process, during which the new implants will integrate with the patient’s natural tissue creating a solid connection
  • The design, creation, and placement of a custom restoration that sits on top of the implant(s), completing your new and improved smile. Our team uses tooth-colored dental crowns to replenish the look and feel of individual teeth. For multiple missing teeth, an implant-retained denture provides resortation in a secure and confident fashion.