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Meet Dr. Ghorbani

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Family & Cosmetic Dental Care Provided By Best Dentist in Burke

Choosing a dentist for you or your family’s dental care is an important decision. If you have ever googled a “dentist near me,” your choices can be overwhelming. Therefore, at Shield Dental Care Dr. Ghorbani focuses on quality dental care and comprehensive dental services. Furthermore, we do our best to relieve the abiguity of dental insurance coverage and your out of pockete expenese. Our administrative staff takes the time to get dental insurance coverage for all the services Dr. Ghorbani provides prior to every dental visit. In short, Dr. Ghorbani built his practice around the wants and needs of his patients. So, after you have had an opportunity to read about Dr. Ghorbani take a moment to learn about his comprehensive dental services, what your community says about our practice, and how clear and detailed we cover dental insurances.

Dr. Pejman Ghorbani

Shield Dental Care dentist, Dr. Pejman GhorbaniDr. Pejman Ghorbani is one of three siblings. He spent his childhood in Texas, Missouri and Maryland. He studied biology at the University of Maryland, College Park with emphasis on Neurophysiology and distinguished himself by his shared publication:  Amplification of Asymmetric Induction in Sequential Reactions of Bis-diazoacetates Catalyzed by Chiral Dirhodium(II) Carboxamidates. After graduating with his Bachelors of Science, Dr. Ghorbani went on to study Dentistry at NOVA Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to become the best dentist for his patients.

Dr. Ghorbani’s Dental Philosophy

Dr. Ghorbani is committed to providing top notch dentistry, keeping up with the latest advances in dental technology, and patient satisfaction. As a result, he has adopted a preventative dental philosophy and build his practice with the latest dental technology. Dr. Ghorbani is known for his comprehensive explanations, gentle attitude, and calm demeanor with his patients. He makes sure that you understand all your dental options and gives you time to make the best choice.  Also, to remain effective in his skills and the advancements in dental technology, Dr. Ghorbani attends numerous skill enhancement training’s courses on a yearly basis. In short, Dr. Ghorbani is committed to building strong relationships by listening to his patients and presenting necessary treatment plans. At Shield Dental Care, Dr. Ghorbani and his staff have adopted a stress free work environment in order to you with a gentle and comfortable experience.

“I believe that my humble upbringing and careers in various industries has molded my beliefs that trust is earned and family is worth its weight in gold. I believe my patient’s trust must be earned by listening, recommending only what’s necessary and best, and building lasting ties within our community.” – Dr. Ghorbani

Dr. Ghorbani’s Hobbies & Family

An enthusiastic and active fan of sports, Dr. Ghorbani enjoys spending his free time at the gym, watching sports, and maintaining a healthy life style.  From childhood Dr. Ghorbani has challenged himself and his abilities by partaking in sports just as wrestling, football, and weigh training.  Even today, he has maintained a gym regiment that keeps his skills and instincts sharp.  Furthermore, he enjoys spending time with friends and family. On the weekends, he spends time grilling and enjoying a laugh with friends and family. Also, as a dentist and business owner, he had entrusted the management of Shield Dental Care to his brother Payam Ghorani.

Dr. Ghorbani & the Community

Dr. Ghorbani is very proud to serve the Burke community. He takes his commitment to our great community very seriously and makes it a point for him and his team to actively engage with the community, volunteering and sponsoring events to keep the wonderful people of Burke smiling for years to come. In addition, while he was in Florida, he volunteered at Caridad Dental Clinic, where he provided pediatric dental care to children in under-served communities. Also, he volunteered at the Dental HIV Center in New York.  Dr. Ghorbani’s Implants in Paradise, where he donated his time to dental surgeries for families in need in the Dominican Republic.To learn more about our volunteer efforts and to view a gallery of events we’ve been a part of, click here!