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Occlusal Guards – Night Guard or Mouthguard

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Occlusal Guard (Night Guard or Mouthguard) for Teeth Grinding or Sports

Sometimes your teeth need a little extra protection. If you suffer with bruxism (teeth grinding) a night guard can help prevent further damage to your teeth. Teeth grinding can lead to more serious issues such as tooth decay or even tooth loss. If you play any type of contact sport, your teeth can be at serious risk. Before you encounter accidental damage to your teeth, ask us about a customized athletic mouthguard for you. Because these mouthguards are personalized to your anatomy, they not only fit better but are much more comfortable versus generic mouthguards.

Occlusal Guard – Night Guard

An occlusal guard is a removable device that fits over your teeth and helps prevent wearing down of teeth during sleep due to teeth grinding and clenching. Depending on the severity of the case, sometimes these guards are also worn during the day. If you would like to have a custom night guard created or have would like a dental consultation, contact our office today to get started!

Athletic MouthGuard

You may pull on knee pads or grab a helmet when running off to play your favorite sport – but what about your smile? When participating in any contact sport, we strongly recommend wearing a customized mouthguard. At Shield Dental Care, we create customized mouthguards to keep you and your childrens’ teeth safe during athletic activities. As an avid sports fan, Dr. Ghorbani understands the importance of protecting your teeth so that nothing holds you back in your atheletic ventures. If you’d like to have a custom sports mouthguard created, contact our office today to get started!