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Oral Surgery

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Tooth Extractions, Bone Grafting, PRP/PRF, and Periodontal Gum Surgery at Shield Dental Care, Fairfax Virginia

At Shield Dental Care, we perform an array of dental surgery services. We dedicate time to developing personalized treatment plans for each patient. To achieve and maintain their healthiest smiles, we use high quality, technologically advanced techniques. Furthermore, your care continues even once you step outside of the office. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our community, one smile at a time. Please take a moment to review the oral surgery services that Dr. Ghorbani provides including tooth extractions, bone grafting, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and fibrin (PRF), and periodontal gum surgery.

Single Tooth Extractions and Bone Grafting

Tooth extractions may be appropriate for a damaged or cracked tooth, or for orthodontic treatment.  Additionally, Dr. Ghorbani might apply bone grafting for a stronger foundation before replacing the extracted tooth with an implant. So what does a tooth extractions involve? Can you be sedated during surgery? What are your options after tooth extraction? For answers to these questions and more information or to review cases done by Dr. Ghorbani, please click here.

 Advanced dentistry with PRP/PRF Treatment

You may not have heard of PRP or PRF treatment before. So what is it? PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) are a component of your blood that can separated by spinning the sample at high speeds and extracted. It has been shown to accelerates healing and increases your chances of success following a procedure. Patients with conditions that impair healing or are in need of a speedy recovery period from surgery are perfect candidates for PRP/PRF treatment. To explore more about the process of how Dr. Ghorbani uses PRP/PRF technique and review cases done by Dr. Ghorbani, please click here.

Periodontal Gum Surgery

Poor dental hygiene care, certain medications, or chronic illnesses can lead to excessive bacterial build up and eventually gum disease. When severe, you may need further treatment such as gum surgery to prevent tooth loss. Depending on the severity, Dr. Ghorbani may perform gingival flap surgery (pocket reduction), regeneration surgery, crown lengthening, or soft tissue grafting. To get a better understanding of these treatments, evaluate the how dental insurance applies to them, and review cases done by Dr. Ghorbani, please click here.