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Preventive Dentistry

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Preventive Care by Dr. Ghorbani in Burke, Fairfax, & Springfield

Check-ups and Dental Cleanings

Routine check-ups and cleanings are the most important steps patients can take towards enjoying a healthy, happy smile for life. The Shield Dental Team is happy to help when regular tooth brushing and flossing aren’t enough. During your visit, Dr. Ghorbani will perform a thorough evaluation of your dental needs. The exam includes but is not exhaustive to the health your teeth, gums, jaw, and any previous dental work. After your dental exam, the hygienist uses an Cavitron SPS scaler to perform a thorough dental cleaning. Cleanings are also vital because they remove harmful plaque and tartar. Sticky and bacteria-rich plaque constantly form on your teeth, threatening to cause decay unless removed swiftly. Eventually, plaque in these hard to reach places can develop into more troublesome tartar.

Our goal is to fully understand your dental needs so we can work with you to create the ideal treatment plan. Our staff can refresh your smile during your dental visits removing plaque and tartar and leaving you with a refreshed, polished feeling.

Dental Hygiene and Your Health

When your think about your overall wellness, sometimes it’s easy to forget that dental health plays a big part. Thanks to recent advancements in medicine and dentistry, a dental exam now may reveal signs of medical issues as well. Many diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and viral infections are linked to your oral health. For example, patients who have diabetes or women who are pregnant are at a greater risk of getting gum disease. As a result of gum disease these patients may experience pain from chewing, bleeding gums, gum recession, bone loss, and even tooth loss. To Find out how Dr.Ghorbani and good oral hygiene can help with your overall health, please click here.

Gum Disease & Periodontitis

Just like a house needs a strong foundation, your teeth need healthy gums. Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection of the tissues that hold your teeth in place and typically is caused by poor tooth brushing and flossing habits. Indications of gum disease include persistent bad breath, red or swollen gums, tender or bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, loose teeth, receding gums, or longer than normal looking teeth. If you recognize any of these signs, and want to find out more about Gum Disease and Periodontitis please click here. You will find useful information about Dr. Ghorbani’s approach to gum disease and how our Shield Dental Care office in Burke, works with your dental insurance to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Deep Cleaning – Scaling and Root Planing

Busy schedules can often leave us forgetting to take care of our teeth and going to the dentist regularly as we should.  Sometimes this leads to more serious risks to our oral health requiring periodontal treatment. As a periodontal patient one of the first steps to preventing future damage to your gums and teeth is to get scaling and root planing, also referred to as a deep cleaning.  A deep cleaning is the standard of care for patients with chronic periodontitis. To get a better understanding of the process of what it means to be considered a periodontal patient, what dental insurance might cover, and please click here.

Dental Sealants

The natural shape and grooves, or fissures, in your teeth can be deep and difficult to clean. Thus, they are ideal places for bacterial growth and tooth decay, eventually requiring fillings or even root canals. The most affected teeth are usually first and second permanent molars, your back teeth.  A dental sealant is a plastic coating over the chewing (occlusal) surface of your teeth to prevent bacterial growth in those deep grooves. To get more information on dental sealants and dental insurance coverage please click here.

Occlusal Night Guard

Bruxism (i.e. teeth grinding) can be caused by stress and anxiety, but more likely causes can be an abnormal bite or missing or crooked teeth. Research has also related teeth grinding to sleep orders such as sleep apnea.  Bruxism can lead to flattened, fractured, or chipped teeth, increasing the chance of tooth pain and sensitivity. Eventually, without the proper treatment, grinding can even lead to nerve damage.  To get a better understanding of the how a night guard may help with preventing or stopping further damage to your teeth, please click here to read more.