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Shield Prevention Plan

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Join the Shield Dental Care Prevention Plan

For patients who don’t have dental insurance, preventive treatment can be pricey, and in many cases, patients choose to forego regular preventive care. Before you make the choice to skip your six month checkups, we invite you to join the Shield Dental Care Prevention Plan. This savings plan offers all preventive treatment 100% free including examinations, x-rays, and professional teeth cleanings and 25% savings on any dentistry service – even cosmetic dental care! The plan costs $350 a year, but the program pays for itself in savings on preventive care alone. Research has shown that one of the main benefits of regular dental checkups is saving money on more advanced services in the future by preventing oral health issues, diagnosing concerns in their earliest stages, and providing the most conservative treatment options.

At Shield Dental Care, we are dedicated to shifting the focus of dentistry from reactive care in response to damage or decay to regular visits preventing common oral health issues like tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ dysfunction, and bruxism. Our dedicated dentist and team are passionate about keeping patients’ smiles healthy and beautiful. If you’re interested in improving your oral health, saving money, and getting a more attractive smile, contact our Fairfax team to find out more about the Shield Dental Care Prevention Plan. Our knowledgeable team is happy to answer questions and provide additional information about the plan as well as helping patients signup for this cost saving preventive dental care plan.

So, take a moment to review our dental prevention plan and make the healthy choice.

Included Services

1st Visit

  • Comprehensive Oral Evaluation
  • Bitewings- Four Film
  • Prophylaxis Cleaning 

2nd Visit

  • Periodic Oral Evaluation 
  • Bitewings- Four Film 
  • Prophylaxis Cleaning