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Tooth Extraction & Grafting

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Tooth Extraction & Grafting in Burke, Fairfax, Springfield, VA

Dental Extractions

When do you need a tooth extraction?

There are many reasons that one may need a tooth extraction or extractions. These include a broken tooth, extremely loose tooth, severe tooth decay, orthodonitia for crowding, or impacted wisdom teeth. Also, extractions may be necessary for those who are at risk of infection due to a compromised immune system such as patients undergoing chemo or an organ transplant. At Shield Dental Care, Dr. Ghorbani and his dental staff understand that a tooth extraction can be overwhelming. We take the time to thoroughly explain the process and what options you have to restore your beautiful smile.

What is the procedure like?

Simple Tooth Extraction

There are two different types of tooth extractions:

Simple Extraction – If the tooth is still visible and accessible, it is first loosened and the gently removed with forceps.

Surgical Extraction – If the tooth is broken below the gum line or have not erupted (such as wisdom teeth), a small incision is made in the gum line first to access the tooth. Then it is gently loosed and pulled out of the socket. If necessary, dissolvable stitches will be applied.

Do I need to do anthing before the procedure?

There are a few important steps. First of all, following your dental exam and xrays, Dr. Ghorbani might prescripe antibiotics before your surgery if there is a risk of infection. We will need a complete medical history including any previous surgeries, any current medications, and history of any heart problems, immune issues, or liver diseaese. If you are taking bisphosphonates for osteoporosis, it is important to let us know. A rare but possible complication of tooth extraction while on bisphosphonates includes jaw bone necrosis. You should not smoke before your procedure to prevent drying of the oral cavity. Before general anesthesia, it is recommended to fast for 6-8 hours before surgery. Dr. Ghorbani will go over what specific instructions pertain to your case when we schedule your tooth extraction appointment.

Post-Surgery Instructions

Dr. Ghorbani will provide a list of appropriate instructions following your surgery and go through them with you. These will include pain management, changing gauze, icing, relaxing, and proper rinsing. For proper healing, you should not use a straw for 24 hours or smoke. Soft foods are recommended the first few days and gently brushing and flossing. Dr. Ghorbani is happy to answer any of your questions about post-op care.

Dental Grafts

Ridge Graft Post-Extraction

Once a tooth is removed, the socket in the jaw bone can begin to deteriorate. To preserve the ridge of the jawbone, the extracted site can be grafted with the patient’s bone or other source of bone at the time of extraction. The site may also need a special membrane to make sure the bone and gums heal properly.

If you are going to replace the tooth with a dental implant or implant-supported bridge, this bone graft helps the implant to properly fuse to the bone. Take a moment to watch a more detail video of this procedure to get a better understanding it.



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